• Whole School SEND is a coalition of schools and school practitioners, charities, policy influencers, parents, carers and young people.
  • We are committed to improving outcomes for children and young people with SEND through networking, collaboration and better scaling and embedding what we already know works.
  • The SEND Review Guide was developed as a direct response to the increasing gap in outcomes between students with SEND and their peers, with the purpose of empowering schools to improve their SEND provision.

We do - on the whole - know what needs to happen in the classroom and in schools to improve outcomes for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability. We know this from research. We know this from the impact of evidenced interventions. We know this from experience, in the schools that are already doing it well. 


And yet outcomes for some children with SEND still fall behind those of their peers.

That's why the Whole School SEND Consortium is committed to improving outcomes for children and young people with SEND by networking, collaborating and unlocking the answers that exist within the system.


We are a growing network, free to join, of over 5,500 schools, practitioners, policy influencers, charitable organisations, parents and young people. Find out more by clicking Join the Consortium above and connecting with us on Twitter.








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