Following the success of the initial randomised control trial sponsored by the Education Endowment Foundation, Rosendale Primary School is now carrying out a whole school efficacy trial of ReflectED.


We want to improve educational outcomes for ALL children. The initial research has shown that ReflectED had a positive impact on children’s attainment, now we aim to test this across a whole school and show how much more impact it can have when implemented in this way. According to the Education Endowment Foundation, not only did pupils’ attainment improve, they also “developed a more positive attitude towards maths compared to the control group.”


ReflectED is an approach to learning that teaches and develops children’s metacognition skills. It can support and improve attainment for all pupils by enhancing pupils’ ability to think about their learning explicitly; assess their progress; set and monitor goals; identify strengths and challenges in their learning; and develop a learning dialogue between pupil and teacher.


ReflectED is a series of lessons, planned by teachers for teachers, to teach the skills of metacognition. Pupils then use these skills to reflect on their learning throughout the week using Seesaw, a digital portfolio.


Any primary school can take part in this programme. Schools will receive high quality training to teach one of their staff to be a ‘lead practitioner’ for ReflectED. The lead practitioner will be able to support and lead staff to implement the approach using accessible and exciting materials. Schools will need access to an effective wireless network and be fully committed to all aspects of the project for the duration.

 The Programme: 

AUTUMN 2017: Having committed to the programme and the trial, school leaders and a lead practitioner (identified by the school) attend a project launch / professional development day in their local hubs.*

AUTUMN 2017: An opportunity to see ReflectED in action at Rosendale Primary School.

AUTUMN 2017: Lead Practitioners deliver in school training using ReflectED resources

SPRING 2018 – SUMMER 2019: Delivery of metacognition lessons and use of metacognitive strategies in classrooms; termly local hub meetings with lead practitioner ‘top up’ training; ongoing distance support; quality assurance.

SUMMER 2019: End of trial qualitative impact evaluation. An independent evaluation report will be published by the Education Endowment Foundation in early Spring 2020.

*Schools that are chosen as control schools will be able to select from an alternative training package during the trial and will receive access to ReflectED once the trial has finished.

Rosendal Primary School are still collecting expressions of interest in the programme from primary schools and would love to hear from you.

Download an Expression of Interest form here and/or contact for more information.

Kate Atkins, Rosendale Primary School