MAT SEND Project

MAT SEND Leadership Programme

The MAT SEND Leadership Programme is designed to support those leading inclusion at a multischool level. It encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration across a group of leaders whilst equipping participants with the skills needed to implement inclusive practice and improve outcomes for children and young people with SEND. 

Applications are now closed. 


MAT SEND Project: Framework and Evaulation - draft released for feedback 


Poor SEND support and lack of appropriate interventions impacts dramatically on pupil outcomes. Evidence suggests teaching staff are often not confident in identifying and supporting pupils with SEND effectively and can find it difficult to plan for and implement appropriate interventions, and map impact and progress. Teaching of SEND is not a strong area of knowledge for most teaching staff as little specialist training is received during initial teacher training. The responsibility for SEND is too often left with the Special Educational Needs Co- ordinator (SENCO) without effective involvement from Senior Leadership Teams (SLT). There is significant impact resulting in a lack of support for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) which affects attainment, progress and outcomes across all phases of education, whether mainstream or special.


The MAT SEND Project aims to develop a framework that has a whole trust/school approach to supporting SEND.

It is intended to sit within the broader suite of Whole School SEND Reviews, which includes the SEND Review Guide, the Teaching Assistant Deployment Review Guide, and two further frameworks due for imminent release, the SEND Reflection Framework and the Preparing for Adulthood from the Early Years Guide. These are inclusive frameworks for reflective evaluation and improvement that are ‘done with, not done to’. The academic grounding of the Review process can be found at

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