It is hard to see the value of ‘encouraging’ good practices, when poor practice does not result in any form of sanction

16th Feb 2018
Nearly 40 years ago now, the Warnock Report into Special Educational Needs (SEN), concluded that with the right support around the child, all children should be able to access a mainstream education. Statements of SEN, School Action and School Action Plus followed. However, the lack of consistency in the way that learners with SEN were supported resulted in parents (and advocates) becoming increasingly vocal about their lack of confidence in the system, something which was highlighted in the Lamb Inquiry (2009) and led to SEND reforms in 2014.

A Review of the DfE 'What works in SEN Support' Report

7th Feb 2018
In this blog Lindsey Grimes, Senior Teacher for SEN at Southfields Academy, reviews the Department for Education report SEN support: research evidence on effective approaches and examples of current practice in good and outstanding schools and colleges.

Dr Adam Boddison takes over as Chair of Whole School SEND

5th Jan 2018
We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Adam Boddison as Director of Whole School SEND!  As we approach our third calendar year we are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Adam Boddison as Chair of Whole School SEND. We would like to thank our previous Chair Anita Kerwin-Nye for her hard work over the past two years.

A Parent's Perspective on the SEND Reforms

5th Dec 2017
I’ve been an active partner since the pathfinder for the SEND reforms began, and it has been a rollercoaster ride. As a parent I am able to adopt the role of critical friend and have probably been given greater access to the workings of the various SEND professionals than any other SEND partner. These have included Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authority, DfE, NHS and Ofsted.

SEND Advocates: Writing Workshop

27th Oct 2017
Jon Severs is Commissioning Editor at the TES (Times Educational Supplement), which has a print audience of nearly half a million 1 every week and an online audience of 1.85 million unique users every month. On 09/20/2017 Jon led a session for our SEND Advocates, offering guidance on writing, pitching and editing. 

Strategy Summit Feedback

27th Oct 2017
Here we examine the feedback submitted on the recent Whole School SEND Strategy Summit. Our intention is to identify common themes, in order to give a sense of what delegates took away from the event and what they would like to see in the future.

Stammering Hurts!

20th Oct 2017
My 20 years as the Education Officer for the British Stammering Association (BSA) has made me aware of just how true that is for all those families affected by stammering. While I do receive enquiries from teachers and therapists the majority of enquirers are parents, devastated by a diagnosis of stammering for which they often blame themselves. Looking into the future they fear for their child’s social and academic development in such a competitive society where communication is seen as a basic skill.

School to School Support

28th Sep 2017
With the move towards a school-led, self-sustaining system of school improvement, it is essential that effective working relationships between settings are cultivated, grown and maintained.

Do you want CPD on writing and public speaking about SEND?

7th Sep 2017
Have you ever thought about publishing an article or speaking publicly? Maybe you want to build your network?

Multi-Site Inclusion: How Can Schools Work Together To Meet Need?

6th Sep 2017
This article was originally published by TES. You can read the original here. In their latest pupil number projections, the DfE indicated that they expect there to be an increase in Special School places of 13,000 over the period 2017 to 2026, reflecting an upward trend in the Special Schools population of 29% since 2007.