SEND Reviewer Training

7th Sep 2017
To maximise the benefits of the SEND Review guide we offer a day long training session. The morning session focuses on how to prepare for the day of the review itself, approaches to gathering evidence on the day of the review and good practice in providing feedback and reporting. Following this, the afternoon session focuses on how to provide effective coaching for follow-up visits and support. We are proud to have trained a community of more than 350 SEND reviewers to date.

MAT SEND Leadership Programme

8th Aug 2017
The MAT SEND Leadership Programme is designed to support those leading inclusion at a multischool level. It encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration across a group of leaders whilst equipping participants with the skills needed to implement inclusive practice and improve outcomes for children and young people with SEND. The MAT SEND Leadership programme will help participants gain the skills necessary to develop a leadership of SEND that is both strategic and inclusive, such as: